Starfleet Rank Abbreviations

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Starfleet Rank Abbreviations

Postby Wheeler » Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:51 am

Officer Ranks
Fleet Admiral = FADM
Admiral = ADM
Vice Admiral = VADM
Rear Admiral = RADM
Commodore = CDRE
Fleet Captain = FCAPT
Captain = CAPT
Commander = CMDR
Lieutenant Commander = LTCDR
Lieutenant = LT
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) = LTJG
Ensign = ENS

Warrant Officer Ranks
Chief Warrant Officer = CWO
Master Warrant Officer = MWO
Staff Warrant Officer = SWO
Warrant Officer = WO

Cadet Ranks
Fourth Year Cadet = C4
Third Year Cadet = C3
Second Year Cadet = C2
First Year Cadet = C1

Enlisted Ranks
Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet = MCPOS
Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer = FMCPO
Task Force Master Chief Petty Officer = TMCPO
Master Chief Petty Officer = MCPO
Senior Chief Petty Officer = SCPO
Chief Petty Officer = CPO
Petty Officer First Class = PO1
Petty Officer Second Class = PO2
Petty Officer Third Class = PO3
Crewman = CN
Crewman Apprentice = CA
Crewman Recruit = CR
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