Intermission: "Downtime"

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Re: Intermission: "Downtime"

Postby EveKelter » Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:33 pm

| Observation Deck
| Deep Space 6
| Orbiting Qualor III

"Isin't this just the greatest view?" Eve turned to ask Captain Johra'n. The Benzite nodded.

Most people visiting starbases would wind up on the Observation Deck to take in the sight of the surrounding stars. Eve, however, was not "most people". The captain and the lieutenant were standing infront of a large glass wall overlooking the interior docking area of the starbase, observing all the different vessels within Deep Space 6's mushroom dome. Eve felt like a 10 year old child on Christmas morning every time she could see this many ships all docked in one place.

"Is that your ship, lass?" asked Johra'n as he pointed towards a docked Saber class starship.

Eve laughed. "I think 15 tries is enough." She pressed her finger against the glass, pointing to what was clearly the biggest ship in the docking area. Johra'n looked at the ship, then looked back at Eve's finger to make sure he was really looking at what she was pointing at. The Benzite stood there, gazing at the Excalibur.

"That's the one, mon Capitain." Eve finally said as she leaned back against the glass wall.

"That's one mighty ship, Eve." Johra'n finally said. "It must not be very quick considering her size!" he continued, clearly poking at Eve.

"Warp 9.925. Don't know many freighters that can reach that kind of speed." Eve grinned back at the Captain. He laughed.

As the two gazed on, a group of men came up behind them. As Eve turned around, she recognized a few members of Johra'n's crew. They began to speak with the captain in a language that was foreign to the lieutenant. Words were exchanged and after a few moments, Johra'n turned towards Eve. The Benzite seemed to be smiling.

"Good news Eve! Seems that we've found us a new ship!" he said.

Eve looked at Johra'n, almost suspicious. "Well that was quick." Johra'n nodded.

"Yes it seems a young Ferengi freighter captain is looking to part ways with his old ship. I intend to 'help' him with this matter." the Benzite made sure to emphasize the 'help'.

Eve grinned. She figured this would not be a legitimate transaction. Not really wanting to dig any further, the lieutenant pushed herself off the glass pane and put forward her right hand.

"Well, it was a pleasure meeting you and your crew, Johra'n." she said. The Captain put forth his own hand and the two shook.

"Pleasure was all mine, lass. Be safe out there. I'd hate for a pretty face like yours to get killed, or worse."

Eve nodded. "Sadly, risk is part of the job. Will you be staying out here?" she asked.

"Not likely. I think we'll be heading as far away from Romulan territory as possible."

Finally bidding farewell to the rest of Johra'n's crew, the group and their captain left Eve's company. The young woman fell back onto the glass wall and looked out towards the worker bees buzzing around the Excalibur as they worked on repairs to the starbord nacelle. The sight of the ship made her wonder what the rest of the crew was up to. She would of loved to have spent some time with some crewmates, though she quickly came to realize she didn't actually know too many people from the crew; Eve had only been aboard of a month before the whole Gorn debacle, and there wasn't much time for socializing while sitting cloaked in hostile territory. She figured their next assignment might allow her to get more familiar with the crew.

*For the time being however, lets not let this view go to waste.* she thought to herself as her mind got lost in the sea of ships...

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Re: Intermission: "Downtime"

Postby Jaxcen Elhaym » Fri Aug 02, 2013 4:30 am

Lani Rodgers wrote:"Commander," Lani said in a simple dry tone. "I believe I'll be the chief operations officer aboard your ship."

"You believe?" Jaxcen asked quizzically as he quickly appraised the lieutenant. He was aware that Excalibur was taking on new crew, and Lt Velar had been pulled from his crew by Starfleet Command, transferred away. At the time he wasn't sure if it wasn't some ploy to undermine Jaxcen's position during the Board of Inquiry by spiriting away loyal members of his senior staff. Still upset over the recent revelations Jaxcen's expression hardened. "I expect my Chief Operations Officer to know what her orders are."

Perhaps that was a bit abrasive, he considered briefly. Jaxcen recomposed himself. "Much of my senior staff was dismantled when Excalibur arrived. Some I was happy to see go, others proved to be an invaluable resource I could rely on. Someone with more pips than me thought you'd be a good fit, but they neglected to get my input on your assignment. Excalibur is a big ship, and the job of an operations officer is equally big. I have high expectations and your predecessor never disappointed."

While Jaxcen couldn't block the lieutenant's assignment, he could at least take the opportunity to scrutinize her character. Put the screws to her and see what she was made of. She had sought him out on the station rather than reporting to Excalibur first. She was either one of those too-eager-to-please officers trying to impress upon him their drive and initiative, or she was a no-nonsense kind of officer, getting formalities out of the way so she could get to work sooner. Either case, she wasn't like Lt. Velar.

"But where are my manners? Commander Jaxcen Elhaym, USS Excalibur," he said introducing himself. "You must be...?"

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