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Posting System

Postby Wheeler » Mon Nov 25, 2013 2:13 am

We have never had posting requirements here, being very lenient on the issue. Unfortunately, I believe this has hurt us.

I'm not going to make a rule of where everyone "must" post at least once a week, but I will set up a system encouraging constant posting.

First off, I have created three new "Awards". The "Poster of the....." Which includes week, month, and year. Posts are judged based on Frequency of posts, as well as Quality. Only the Poster of the Week is judged only by the Command Department, the rest is voted on by the entire crew.

Now for the other part; lack of posts. I am asking for either one post a week, or a Private Message telling me you're still here. If I don't see a post or a Private Message within four weeks, you will be moved to the inactive roster. That being said, the inactive roster will not be barred from ever rejoining. If you are in the inactive roster but want back, Private Message me and we can discuss it.

If you need an LOA, please Private Message me with an estimate of how long you need. I will create a post with a list of those on Leave for everyone else to see.
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