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Petty Officer 1st Class Olivia "Rat" Gawenn

Name Olivia "Rat" Gawenn

Position Mess Management Officer

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5.3
Weight 155 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Olivia has long blonde hair always worn up to keep it out of her way, and deep green eyes. Pleasant looking, though slightly plump, she always has a smile to offer. When out of uniform, her dress style is rather bohemian. Anyone with a sharp eye will note that she never removes her wedding band.


Spouse Lt Commander Gregory Gawenn (deceased)
Father Theodore Wright
Mother Margaret Wright (deceased)
Brother(s) Chief Petty Officer Nathanial Wright (brother) - Star Fleet NCO
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Olivia - affectionately known to her friends as "Rat" (It's a long story) - is generally a genial person. Friendly and far from shy, she won't hesitate to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. She also is willing to listen to a complete stranger, and give them the benefit of the doubt. Moreover, she's always willing to give them second chances.

She is a loyal friend, and a compassionate enemy, her outlook is not a matter of naivete, but chosen idealism. Olivia has chosen to believe that there is some good in everyone, and her reaction to those who choose not to act upon it is one of sadness rather than anger.
Strengths & Weaknesses Olivia's idealism is both her greatest strength and weakness. It has won her both friends and betrayals during her lifetime.

Quick-thinking, and an expert at making do with what's on hand, she is also somewhat of an expert on the foods of various races. This includes not only making the dishes, but what animals and plants are common - and edible - in various systems.

Not in peak physical condition, she occasionally struggles to pass her physical examinations.
Ambitions Olivia will be the first to tell you that she has realized all her ambitions long ago. She is, however, an advocate in less use of the replicators for food purposes. She strives to get others to spend more time eating foods available in the systems they are stationed, rather than "comfort food" from home.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking and baking are Olivia's passions. Including foods of various races. There isn't a food type she wouldn't dare to try, and wouldn't hesitate to eat something someone else finds disgusting. She has a large collection of recipes and is constantly adding to it wherever she goes.

Because she likes to use foods available wherever she is stationed, she found the need to have various forms of money. It has morphed into a hobby of collecting various forms of new and ancient forms of money from throughout the galaxy. She is also fond of pretty much any form of music. Though she has no real talent for making it, she enjoys listening to it and usually has music playing in her quarters and her kitchen.

Personal History Olivia was born to Thomas and Margaret Wright - two colonists who had helped settle a planet in what would eventually become the DMZ. Times on these worlds were hard, and she grew up without the luxuries members of the Federation who lived in more protected areas took for granted. It was there she discovered her passion for cooking and baking, and had dreams of creating a restaurant on her homeworld.

Though their colony was not among the ones traded to the Cardassians during the treaty between the Federation and the Cardassian Union, the colony was still deeply effected by the power struggle that ensued. More than one neighbor and friends of the Wright family joined the Maquis, but her parents refused to take part. Her brother harbored sympathies for them, however, and several times hid members on their property. A fact Olivia was aware of, and occasionally aided in - more out of compassion than empathy. This eventually blew up in their faces when a set of members they were harboring took part in an attack and prompted a raid on their homeworld. Her brother's sympathies for the Maquis ended, and he cut off his ties to them.

When she was around fourteen, Olivia found a young Cardassian officer who claimed to have escaped a Maquis attack. She hid him from her family and fellow colonists, but he later betrayed her by bombing the military base of the colony. He actually met up with her again afterwards to tell her his orders had been to attack civilian targets as well, but he'd spared them for her sake. Olivia told him that even attacking the military base was still a betrayal of her trust. She allowed him to leave unhindered however, and has never seen him again.

During the Dominion war, the colony was all but destroyed, and Margaret Wright was killed. As they struggled to rebuild, Thomas decided he didn't want Nathanial and Olivia to continue to struggle for mere survival and encouraged them to enlist in the Federation. Olivia was nineteen at the time.

While her brother seemed to find his place, and rose through the ranks quickly, Olivia didn't really feel the same. She transferred between several ships until falling in with a Science officer, Douglass McClusky, who specialized in zoology, but whose hobby was cooking. Olivia trained under him until he was transferred to a different ship. She continued training, specializing in biology and botany areas that would be most useful to her in cooking, and while on an away mission impressed the crew with a meal they all agreed was delicious - until somebody made the mistake of asking what it was they were eating...

Even though Olivia still insists the meat she used fell into the rodent genus but was not a rat, the nickname "Rat" has followed her ever since. While she felt a growing comraderie with her fellow officers, Olivia still felt at an impasse on what to do with her life. Then she was assigned to the USS Leeds and met then Lt Gregory Gawenn.

The two ended up romantically involved despite being assigned to the same ship, and it was Gregory who first suggested applying for a position as Chef. Olivia did not act upon his suggestion right away, however, preferring to continue serving on the USS Leeds under the science officer. Olivia's trust was again betrayed when she spoke to a friend on board the Leeds about Gregory and her secret romance. The officer betrayed the secret, and both her and Gregory had to undergo questioning for the breach of conduct. Given the choice of breaking off their romance due to the conflict of interest or leaving the USS Leads, Olivia requested reassignment along with a position change to Chef, and received both. Before she left, though, Gregory asked her to marry him and the two were hastily wed before Olivia had to depart on a shuttle to join her new crew on the USS Crazy Horse. It was several months later they managed to get a month long leave of absence to take their official honeymoon.

In 2385 Gregory was killed while on assignment and Olivia requested a leave of absence. She was gone for over a year, returning home briefly and travelling to different systems to learn more about the various system's food sources. Since her return, she has done little but done lectures on finding emergency food supplies while on away missions, or lectures on the economy of using local foods rather than replicators. Running into none other than her old friend Douglass McClusky, he encouraged her to apply for assignment on board another ship. After some soul-searching, Olivia did and was assigned to the USS Excalibur as Chef.
Service Record 2377 - Enlisted in Starfleet as NCO.
- Assigned to the USS Charleston for 7 months - Crewman
2378 - Assigned to the USS Glory for 6 months - Crewman
2378 - Assigned to the USS Dawn C for 9 months - Crewman
1979 - Assigned to the USS Chevron B - Crewman
- Received training in Zoology under Science Officer McClusky
1980 - Gained rank of Petty Officer, Science Specialist 3rd Class
- Received training in botany
2381 - Assigned to USS Leeds - Petty Officer, Science Specialist 2nd Class
2382 - Questioned for breach of conduct with Lt Gregory Gawenn
- Reassigned to USS Crazy Horse - Chef
- Name change request due to marriage to Olivia Gawenn
2385-2386 - Leave of absence, counselor approved following death of spouse
2387 - Assigned to the USS Excalibur - Petty Officer, First Class - Mess Management Officer