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Lieutenant JG Eve Kelter

Name Eve Kelter

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Well shaped by Human standards. Her long, light brown hair compliments the slenderness of her body, and her dark brown eyes seem to sparkle with

excitement no matter what the situation. Eve would tend to say that her smile is her best physical attribute.


Father Alexander Kelter (Retired Starfleet Wing Commander)
Mother Miranda Talerco
Other Family Long-time Friend : Terron Quentin (Major, Wing Commander of the 56th Lancer Starfighter Squadron, Starbase Pegasus)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Passionate about everything related to starship piloting, Eve follows in the footsteps of her now retired fighter pilot father. The confidence she has

in her abilities as a pilot and an officer has shaped her to become a versatile officer.

On the flip side however, that confidence has been known to blind her judgement. Her former COs might also have a few words to say about her attitude

towards the chain of command.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests Eve's interests pretty much come down to tinkering with anything that can fly. The occasional visit to the holodeck to participate in racing

simulations, or the shooting range down in the armory, would also be on that list.

As for interests outside piloting, Eve is rabid fan of high fantasy holonovels. She also has a fond love for exotic beverages.

Personal History On October 16th 2360, Eve Kelter, daughter of Alexander and Miranda Kelter, was born onboard the USS Montreal during its maiden voyage in the Beta Quadrant. Serving as a Fighter Pilot, Alex was one of the best, and while Eve was growing up, he made sure that his little girl knew it. During the first 5 years of little Eve's life, Alex would slowly expose Eve to the world of fighter piloting, something his wife wasn’t too keen on. Soon enough the Montreal's initial voyage came to an end, and the Kelter family returned to Earth to settle down in a quiet part of western Europe.

The peaceful family life, however, did not last very long. By the time Eve was 7, Alex had been put back on duty as Wing Commander onboard a new prototype starship : the USS Andromeda. This time around however, Miranda and Eve stayed behind on Earth, so that Eve could continue her schooling.

For what seemed like forever, Eve spent her nights looking up at the stars, thinking about her father and the adventures he must of been having as a starfight pilot. It was during this time that she also became interested in remote controlled planes. When Alexander came back from his tour on the Andromeda, he was more than surprised by his daughter's abilities as a pilot. By the age of 15, Eve had won 4 consecutive Top Guns, an interplanetary RC Plane competition pitting some of the best young RC pilots in the Alpha Quadrant against each other in combat and skill events.

At the age of 16, Eve entered Starfleet Academy in Navigation and Flight Control. Much like any other cadet, her time was mostly spent around studying and partying in the local clubs of San-Francisco. In addition to her studies in Flight Control, Eve joined up with the Academy’s premiere flight team : Nova Squadron. Her natural talents as a pilot eventually made her Squadron Leader, to everyone's surprise. Eve finally graduated from the Academy, with honours in Temporal Mechanics, in April of 2379 and was immediately posted for duty as a member Delta Squadron, a top-secret fighter wing stationed on board the USS Aries. To her surprise, she was now under the command of newly promoted Major Alexander Kelter, her father.

With split duties as ship's Navigations Officer and Delta Squad’s XO, serving alongside her father was really the cherry on the sundae. Their tour of duty brought them along the Romulan Neutral Zone in a time where relations between the two factions were less then amicable. The Aries' first call to action came early in 2379 when the ship was ordered to form with Battle Group Omega along the Romulan Neutral Zone in an effort to aid the USS Enterprise-E in escaping Romulan Space as it was being pursued by the rogue Praetor Shinzon. To no one's surprise really, the famed Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise managed to eliminate the Reman threat without needing the help of Battle Group Omega.

With peace accords between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire well on their way following the events of 2379, the need for Federation patrols along the Romulan border became unnecessary and the USS Aries was finally ordered back home in 2384.

The following year, Eve returned to Starfleet Academy to train cadets on shakedown cruises around the Sol system, all while trying to take Command classes on the side. This proved rather difficult as she was constantly away on training tours. When 2385 rolled around, Starfleet Command contacted Eve to inform her of her new assignment : the Galaxy class starship USS Beagle. Leaving her friends in the Flight Control Faculty behind, Eve traveled to Deep Space 3 to meet up with her new crewmates and captain.

The USS Beagle was a fine ship, but its massive size made Eve slightly uncomfortable. Up to now Eve had only piloted small fighter crafts and the USS Aries, which was at least a third the size of the Galaxy Class. Under the command of the ship's newly appointed Captain, James Pulver, the crew of the Beagle set off on their first assignment of exploration; the Beagle was to head to the Teplan system and scan for mysterious anomalies that had been popping in and out of the area for the past month. The voyage to Teplan was rather uneventful as the crew got accustomed to each other, however what seemed like just another day on the job, soon turned very sour. Having encountered an unusual space-time anomaly upon their arrival, the ship ended up suffering major damage and numerous casualties to their crew. In the end however the anomaly was dealt with and the system was saved. Barely escaping with their lives, the crew of the USS Beagle eventually made its way back to the nearest starbase, only to have the ship dismantled as the Galaxy Class was written off as a total loss.

The crew of the Beagle soon found a new home in the form of the USS Wyvern, Nova Class and personal flag ship of Fleet Admiral Levenham. For the next few months, the crew would spend their time surveying spacial anomalies across the Alpha Quadrant. That is until one day, their captain, now Commodore James Pulver, was taken hostage during an away mission by a rogue terrorist group who called themselves Skadi's Nation. With little to no resources to mount their own rescue attempt, the crew of the Wyvern were forced to move on without their commanding officer. For 9 months they chugged along with no sign of their former captain, until one day, during a return trip to Earth, several Skadi Nation transmissions we're intercepted by Starfleet Intelligence. Being the only ship in the sector, the Wyvern was tasked with investigating Starfleet's claim; that there was a secret Nation base deep inside Federation territory.

With the Intrepid Class USS Arethusa sent in as support, the two ships mounted an assault on the base and successfully infiltrated a secret asteroid station. To everyone surprise, the captured Commodore James Pulver was actually being held in the facility, and with the help of an away team lead by Eve, the Wyvern was finally reunited with its captain.

=/= Abridged Personal History of Eve Kelter =/=
2360 : Birth of Eve Kelter
2376 : Eve enrolls into Starfleet Academy in Navigation and Flight Controls
2377 : Becomes Nova Squadron Lead
2379 : Graduation from Starfleet Academy with honors in Temporal Mechanics
2379 : Promoted To Ensign
2379 : Assigned to USS Aries and Delta Squadron
2384 : Returns to Earth after tour of duty
2385 : Becomes instructor at Starfleet Academy
2386 : Assigned to USS Beagle as Navigation’s Officer
2386 : Reassigned to USS Wyvern after the Teplan Incident
2387 : Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2387 : Reassigned to the USS Excalibur
Service Record =/= Service Record for Eve Kelter =/=

2376-2379 ::
Starfleet Academy Navigation and Flight Controls (Student)
Nova Squadron Pilot

2379-2384 ::

2385-2386 ::
Starfleet Academy Navigation and Flight Controls (Instructor)

2386-2386 ::
Navigation Officer, USS Beagle NCC-79302

Chief Navigation Officer, USS Wyvern NCC-87613