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Lieutenant JG Julian Kronenberg

Name Julian Sigmund "Maenek" Kronenberg

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Dark Blonde (Just the fewest starts of Grey)
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Julian is of average height, with little that differentiates him at a distance from others. Once you get closer you notice his striking good looks and ever present smile, though even that has faded slightly as of late. Even his dark blue eyes seem deeper and bluer of late, a reflection of his inner grief.

When not in uniform he likes to dress in the latest styles on Romulas before the Explosion of the Hobus Star.


Spouse Rhian Kronenberg (Nee: Marrus Romulan)
Children Romulas Kronenberg (Male, Age: 12)
Remus Kronenberg (Male, Age: 12)
Aidoann Kronenberg (Female, Deceased age 10 on Romulus while visiting her Grandmother)
Father Minister Georg Kronenberg (Federation Minister for Education, Age 65)
Mother Duchess Lillian Kronenberg (Retired Opera Singer, Priminister of Austria,Nee: Hapsburg, Age: 60)
Brother(s) Capt. Kieran Kronenberg (Captain of the USS Vienna, Age 42)
Mikiel Kronenberg (Deceased age 14)
Sister(s) Lucilla Kronenberg (Personal Aide to the Federation Ambassador to Bajor, Age: 34)
Nina Sharpton (Nee:Kronenberg, House Wife, Age: 32)
Other Family Father-in-law: General Kaol Marrus (Deceased, Romulan Joint Chiefs of Staff)
Mother-in-law: N'alae Marrus (Nee: Letant, Deceased, Dean of Pediactric Surgeon at the Romulan Institute of Medicine)

Various other deceased Romula Relatives by Marriage
Various other Human Relatives of little importance

Personality & Traits

General Overview One would be hard pressed to define Julian in any general way, his family is that of politicians and statesman, and as such his interactions with people are quite fluid. He has also had the influence of several disparaging cultures in his youth, which have helped to define who he is today.

But one universal truth that you will find when asking his friends and colleagues about him, is that if you can get past his firm and gruff exterior, you will find him both Congenial and Polite almost to a fault.
Strengths & Weaknesses The Young Julian's first love was Music, and even to this day it is one of his strongest suits... assuming you can convince him to sing now adays. His second love was children, due to his years in boarding school he learned to care for the youngones and to make them happy, this turned into his love of Pediatric Medicine.

His weaknesses are equally as grand, he distrusts almost everyone until proven otherwise, this comes from his time both in boarding school and on Romulas. He also suffers from a grief that can only be gained through the loss of the planet one calls home. And though he is a great Pediatrician and even a great General Practitionar, with knowledge of Romulan Physiology almost unmatched in the federation as a whole, he suffers from a lack of specialization outside the Pediatric Field.
Ambitions If you'd've asked this of him a year ago, his answer would've been something like "I want to retire and one day write a seminal work in the Medical Field"...

Unfortunately that ambition has been tempered by the Explosion of the Hobus star, he now defines his ambition as helping as many of his displaced breathren as he can, and perhaps one day retire and run an Orphange for children (Both Human, Romulan, and hybrid) displaced by this disaster.
Hobbies & Interests Singing is still one of his hobbies, though few outside his family ever hear him anymore. He also writes music and studies it's various forms.

He has always had an interest in Romulan & Austrian Culture and collects artifacts, reliquary, art, clothing, and in fact all things from these two cultures. He has become somewhat of an expert in pairing these two unique and clashing styles into his own appearance and that of his quarters and offices.

Personal History Julian was born in Vienna Austria and would spend the first 16 years of his life there. First with nannies and guardians as his parents were always too busy with Political Affairs to worry about their children. When he turned 6 he was granted early acceptance into the Vienna Boys Choir School (the conditions now being any boy of Viennese decent regardless of world), he excelled there finding his place amid the ancient sheets of music and it's grand opulence. Shortly after the end of his 9th year at the school, his parents pulled him out and brought him along with them to Romulus where his Father was being Stationed as Ambassador.

He would remain there for the rest of his school years and into his adult life. He was forced under Romulan law to attend a Romulan School, and as such learned the language and culture of these strange people. He had fallen in love with another boy at his school, but that was not to last long and resulted in his first sour taste of the dark side of Romulan Society. When the Tal-Shiar burst into his home and stole away his boyfriend in the middle of their first time together as a couple (in the biblical sense). He was explained by the Tal-Shiar that the boy was of an inferior social class and had broken the law by associating so intimately with one of his station. The agents apologized for the inconvenience and promised that the upstart would be punished accordingly. This of course caused no small amount of scandal for his Political Minded parents who arranged for his marriage to the daughter of one of their Political friends. Julian knew the girl well enough and liked her in a way, but would never love her as he had loved his first love.

Upon graduation at age 19, as the only human to ever hold the top mark in a Romulan Class, he was given a scholarship to the Romulan Institute of Medicine under the watchful tutelage and gaze of his future Mother-in-Law. In the Institute Julian discovered the only thing he loved as much as music, pediatric medicine. And threw himself into his studies wholeheartedly, making sure to never show anything to the Tal-Shiar that would risk his dream of graduating.

The year before his graduation, at the age of 25 years of age he married his wife Rhian, in the largest ceremony to be held on Romulus that year. He attempted to consummate his marriage that night, but his wife didn't have the heart to put him through it. So instead they decided to have children through artificial means. For Rhian truly loved her husband, despite his preference for males. Julian would use the invetro-fertilization of a Romulan-Human hybrid as his doctoral thesis work for his graduation the next year. The experiment was a success and the male twins Romulus and Remus were born, and the parents couldn't be any happier. Wanting to expand his horizons Julian and his young family took off for Earth, to reside in Austria, where Julian began training for a degree in Human Pediatric Medicine.

It took him 5 years that the Vienna Medical Institute to earn his second Doctorate. His family happy and healthy he began to contemplate the next move in his life, at which point he decided to move them to Earth Outpost 1 along the boarder with the Romulan Neutral Zone. The Outpost was an aging facility, long past it's recommended service life, but due to it's strategic location mere lightyears from Romulus, it had been given priority retrofits and upgrades. It made for the most eclectic station in Federation Space, well that's what those who lived on her said, others would say it was the Most Hideous station in the galaxy. Time passed peacefully here, till about 4 years before the destruction of the Hobus Star, when the Chief of Medicine for the hospital passed away. Julian as the next senior medical practitioner was offered the position on the grounds that he take the starfleet entrance exams and get a commission. Due to the shortage of medical personnel on the Outpost, Julian was able to take most of his training there, with only a handful of trips to Starfleet Academy & Starfleet Medical for Certification. In 2 years he was able to complete the accelerated coursework, and gain the rank of Ensign.

Julian was at the stations Cafe Observatione, which looked always out towards romulas. He had heard of some trouble with the Hobus Star, but also knew that the great Spock was on it, and thus brushed it from his mind as another tid-bit of intergalactic fluff. But on that day he saw the explosion of the star that would wipe away his family, friends, and home. Quickly the station as the closest medical facility was put on high alert, and Julian was in a triage situation, recieving countless Romulan refuges to his usually insignificant station.

He distinguished himself so well during the crisis that the Romulan Refuges gave him the name "Maenek" (Healer), and declaring him a Romulan for what it was worth. Starfleet too recognized him with a promotion and a transfer, though the latter seemed to him to be a punishment rather then a gift.

Thus how he and his young family were transferred to the USS Excalibur
Service Record Chief of Pediatric Medicine | Civilian | Earth Outpost 1 |
Cadet First Class | Cadet | Earth Outpost 1 |
Cadet Second Class | Cadet | Earth Outpost 1 |
Chief of Medicine | Ensign | Earth Outpost 1 |
Chief of Medicine | Lieutenant Jr. Grade | Earth Outpost 1 |
Chief Medical Officer | Lieutenant Jr. Grade | USS Excalibur |