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Lieutenant JG Mao An Zhu

Name Mao Xiang An Zhu

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Lagashi
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 147 .lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown (Artificial)
Physical Description Xian is rather unassuming in appearance. She has black hair cut in a jaw length bob-cut. She has a small black and purple tattoo of a lotus between her shoulders above a calligraphic Lagashi character meaning 'Remembrance." She is quite flat-chested, being somewhere between an A and an AA but otherwise quite pretty.
Both eyes are ocular implants.
Muscle fibre replacement funded (partially) by the Lagashi military.


Spouse Zhu Bihai (deceased), Nihei Eri
Children n/a
Father Mao Cheng
Mother Mao Fei-Yen (biological), Mao Chun, Mau Huan
Brother(s) Mao Cai An Zhang
Mao Desheng
Sister(s) Yen Li
Mao Cong
Mao P'eng An Yeung
Mao Junren An Chow
Mao Xueqi
Other Family Too many Aunts/Great Aunts, Uncles/Great Uncles and Cousins to even attempt to list.

Niece: Mao Hsiu Mei An Zhang
Niece: Mao Yun
Nephew: Yen Dawei

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mao Xian An Zhu, or "Xian Zhu" when put into the usual Starfleet arrangement, is a headstrong engineer who still hasn't quite gotten over the untimely death of her husband.
Strengths & Weaknesses Xian is obstinate, self-willed and sees herself in her work. If the ship is in a poor state then she, also sees herself as being in a similar state. As such she is driven to keep "her" ship working as efficiently as she can keep it. She is not, however, a workaholic by any means, and understands the importance of downtime.
Ambitions To design a new type of Starship and see it put into use by either, or most preferably both, Starfleet as well as the Lagashi.
Hobbies & Interests She's quite interested in Terran card games; specifically poker, though she has no idea how to play. She also enjoys painting, taking machines apart, and holo-novels.

Personal History Born Mao Xian to Mao Chang and Mao Fei-Yen Xian was brought up in a relatively moderately middle-class environment on the 'Song of the Stars' arcology. From an early age she could be found disassembling and then re-assembling various household items. Or rather... attempting to re-assemble them. Her family still likes to bring up the time she "improved" the replicator and wound up crossing the system into the lighting network of that entire floor. Every time someone tried to replicate something for the better part of the day walking through that level of the arcology was like walking through a rave.
When she turned sixteen she moved from 'Song of the Stars' to the planet side arcology 'Praising Flawless Sky.' There she joined the LSN as an Engineer and eventually her husband; Zhu Bihai. She was genuinely in love with Bihai and when he proposed that they enter into a marriage contract that included a woman she didn't know, Nihei Eri, she accepted. She got on with Eri well enough, though for the most part Xian was away as part of her duties with the LSN.
At the beginning of her seventh year of service with the LSN she was sent to a Federation ship as part of an officer exchange program on board the Excalibur class vessel of the same name. She'd nearly arrived when she the news of her husband's death reached her. Rather than returning home she kept heading for the new assignment. The notion of returning to 'Praising Flawless Sky' and that home she'd shared with Bihai... there was no way she could do a thing like that.
Service Record - Born on 'Song of the Stars'

- Moved to 'Praising Flawless Sky'
-Joined the LSN
-Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

- Sent to the USS Excalibur as part of an officer exchange program.