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Lieutenant Thon th'Zarath

Name Thon th'Zarath

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2" (without antennae)
Weight 180 lbs.
Hair Color Silver-white
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Slim and blue-skinned, with antennae atop his head.


Father Therin th'Zarath, Garab th'Zarath
Mother Jhamal th'Zarath, Tallara th'Zarath
Brother(s) Keval th'Zarath, a computer security specialist in the capital, Andor
Other Family a large clan, with many aunts, uncles, and cousins of varying degrees

Personality & Traits

General Overview A soldier of Andoria with loyalties to Starfleet despite his peoples' secession from the Federation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Several typical Andorian traits: he can be callous, but is honest and very protective.
Ambitions After achieving the rank of Commander, Thon would like to retire and start an Andorian restaurant on a space station.
Hobbies & Interests History, traditional music, espionage holo-novels

Personal History Thon's personal history is largely intertwined with his professional one. The major defining moment of both came five years ago, when he decided to remain with Starfleet despite Andoria's secession from the Federation. He very much desires for Andoria to return to the organization it helped found, and he wishes to start a family, but has found it difficult to meet the right three people while maintaining his career.
Service Record 2363: Enters Andorian Imperial Guard training at age 12
2369-72: Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. On a lark, Thon decides to take Romulan language courses.
2373: Shipboard cadet service with USS Tian An Men (Miranda-class) patrolling Cardassian border. Crippled by Jem'Hadar warships during the buildup to the Dominion War, surviving crew is marooned and Thon is part of a guerrilla battle against Dominion troops.
2373: Receives commission as an ensign, assigned to USS Hood (Excelsior-class) as a junior officer.
2374: participates as a damage control crewman in Operation: Return and a relief helmsman in the First Battle of Chin'toka, among other actions. Transfers to USS Appalachia (Steamrunner-class) as a security officer. Skirmishes and patrols near Betazed and Bolia.
2375: Appalachia battles the Dominion in Vulcan space, though Thon would prefer to defend Andoria. Thon promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, qualifies for tactical officer duty. Spends two months as a transfer officer to IKS Ya'Vang (Vor'cha-class), acting as Ops officer in the Battle of Ricktor Prime alongside the Enterprise-E. Returning to the Appalachia, Thon is soon transferred to the USS Nelson (Intrepid-class) as Assistant Chief of Security. During one joint away mission with a team of Romulan commandos, ionic disturbances had tampered with universal translators, and it was Thon's passing knowledge of Romulan that allowed the mission to succeed. Thon and his superior man Tactical during the Battle of Cardassia at the end of the war. A month after peace is declared, Thon goes on extended leave, returning home to Andoria and taking up service in the Imperial Guard.
2378: Promoted to Lieutenant in the Imperial Guard.
2380: Returns to service in Starfleet as Assistant Chief of Security aboard USS Nova (Nova-class) patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone and ensuring the safety of Reman refugees. Operates under command of Captain William Riker's task force led from USS Titan.
2382: Promoted to Lieutenant, remains in Starfleet despite Andoria's secession. Transfers to Admiral Necheyev's personal security detachment.
2383: Transfers to Starfleet Academy early in the year, where he teaches basic-level marksmanship and unarmed combat during the spring semester. Takes advanced security and intelligence courses during the summer term. In the fall, returns to field duty as Strategic Operations Officer at a small space station, Starbase 147, located near the Romulan Neutral Zone.
2385: Returns to starship duty as Chief of Security of USS Jupiter (Akira-class), again primarily based near Romulan space.
2387: assigned as Chief of Security aboard USS Excalibur.